Baby Nest Kits For Your Newborn

Baby nests kitsFor us, it feels so natural to keep your baby close, when you both sleep. However, the child must be protected against overheating and suffocation if the child shares a bed with his or her parents. With Bednest baby, feeding and settling can be done with minimal disruption to mom and little ones.


Crib Bednest wins the storm in Australia, after Europe because of its versatility, attractive design, and environmentally friendly materials.

Studies have shown benefits to newborns when babies are close to their parents for the first few months, even when sleeping.

4 Amazing Ways to use the Baby Bednest

  • The Bednest makes a great bedside or bed for baby when co-sleeping.
  • It can be used independently or can be stand-alone if you do not want baby sleeping right next to you just like a sidecar sleeper next to your bed.
  • Bednest can also be used as co-sleeper or a Moses basket, when you want to keep the baby next to you, regardless of your position in the house.  Many mothers find it useful when they want to do important housework during the day without neglecting their babies.
  • The stand attached to bedrest and basket can be folded flat when you wish to travel.  A mattress and sheet included in the package can be replaced with the brand new available for purchase if you ever need to change, or wish to have a spare.
  • New Born Kit & Essentials

    Taking care of your baby is a priority; Health care products and new toiletries and other essentials are necessary when your baby is on the way. Newborn essential kits contain frequently used health and grooming items you want such as diaper bag or delicate brushes and hair combs, nail clippers, thermometers, toothbrushes, medicine syringes, teethers, cradle brushes and so on. The main equipment includes newborn baby cotton gloves designed to keep the baby from scratching and cotton hats to keep the baby's head cozy and warm. Experienced moms know, you can never have too many basics of the newborn on the hand because babies and toddler wellness works full time.

    Baby And Mommy Gear



    • Bibs: keep spit-up and drool off your clothes
    • Burp cloths: This protects clothes from the inescapable baby spit and other spills.


    • Diapers
    • Diaper bag: Choose a bag that you like, but it must be practical, with waterproof lining, and places to stash your keys, wallet, and phone etc.




    • Crib
    • Mattress
    • Bedding and padding: Buy at least two sets to reduce panic wash.



    • Baby bathtub
    • Hooded terrycloth towels: Wrap the baby in one of these soft towels with hoods to keep baby warm and dry after bathing.
    • Baby wash or shampoo: Be sure it's mild.


    • Bulb syringe: To be used with saline drops to unclog your baby's stuffy nose.
    • Baby nail clippers or scissors
    • A soft-bristled baby brush