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5 Curtain Styles for Your Home

Classy curtains can draw together an entire look of any room. There are so many types and fabrics available in the market. A little research before choosing the right curtain for your home is a good idea. In Dubai homes, these beautiful drapes are a must because of the hot weather. There is a wide range of curtain shops in Dubai that you can consider for shopping. But before that, here are 5 curtain styles that you might want to look at.

The European Look

European style curtainsThe European drape has been and will always be in fashion. The royal feel that this fabric in dark shades like red and maroon offer is just phenomenal. Most homes in Dubai prefer brown furnishings and yellow lightings that go really well with this style. So if you would like to add that stately appeal to your home décor, choose the European vibe for your living space.

All White

If your home is painted in light coloured hues, the complete white look is just the one for you. This setting is simply splendid and makes your space look larger in size. The entire feel that the complete white look creates is very classy and elegant. However, if you have very young children at home, you might not want to choose this style yet, as it requires care and maintenance.

Traditional Tones & Prints

Traditional tones and printsThe traditional type of curtains keeps our history alive in minds. Sometimes, the darker shades and bold patterns are all that your room wants. These varieties work really good in bedrooms as they are made of thick fabrics and darker shades.


Yes. Satin works wonders when it comes to creating a rich appeal. Drapes made out of this fabric add a very glamorous touch to your interiors. You can choose contrasting colours for a distinctive yet classy look.

The Beaded Style

It is a good idea to let go of the fabric once in a while and choose beads. The beaded style is a great hit these days. It works really well if you want to create a partition in the same room. The glittery shine and the musical sound when touched are just magical.

There are so many things you have to keep in mind before choosing the perfect curtain for your home. Measurements, materials, styles, and patterns all are important factors. It is best to seek professional help to install the right drape for your home.

Source: leedsfurnishing.com