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6 instances when you should consult an eye doctor

  • Your eyes are dry, red and itchy, or you are seeing spots, flashes of light or floaters. This is usually the sign of some sort of infection such as conjunctivitis. Consulting a doctor will help you deal with the irritation that comes with the infection and will also treat it faster
  • You have diabetes or some health condition that affects your eyesight. You may not have diabetes yourself, but if you have a family history of such a disease, you should also keep getting regular checkups done, especially once you keep moving into your 50s and beyond

Eyes are dry

  • If you are someone who spends an exceedingly long amount of time on a computer screen, you can suffer from eye strain, headaches and/or blurred vision. In such a case, you may be damaging your eyes permanently without even knowing it. An eye checkup Dubai will help maintain the health of your eyes even under such stressful circumstances.
  • You are suffering from problems with your vision. For example, if you have to squint while reading a book or seeing small text on your screen, then there are chances that your vision is suffering. Your doctor will suggest prescription glasses and/or contact lenses to aid your vision, and a trip to the doctor’s office once a month will ensure that your ‘power’ stays within control

Children regular eye checkups

  • The body goes through a number of changes when you are pregnant, and the eyes can be affected as well. The changing levels of hormones can lead to dry eyes, blurred and distorted vision, spots and floats. Most of these problems disappear naturally after childbirth, but you should always visit your optometrist just in case
  • Children should have regular eye checkups done, especially during the onset of their teenage years, since this is the time that they usually need spectacles for short-sighted vision or myopia.


Like health checkups, regular eye checkups are also important to keep your eyes in top working condition. However, if do not get enough time to schedule a regular checkup, you should definitely get your eyes checked once you experience even the slightest discomfort or irritation, to prevent the problem from escalating to a more serious issue.