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Lootah Perfumes overview

Lootah perfumes was incorporated in the year 1950; it has enclosed the Arabian culture heritage with its magnificent range of original perfumes in UAE. Lootah Perfumes has gained a top rank among the best perfume suppliers in Dubai. Products of Lootah Perfumes have been inspired by the enchanted senses of their Grandfather Saleh Bin Nasser Bin Lootah. You can find the perfume stores located in the most suitable spots all over the country. You can also shop online for Lootah Perfumes on its website with deliveries in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, and Dubai.

Lootah Perfumes overview:

Oud perfumesLootah perfumes are offering you a wide range of different products such as perfumes, incenses and fragrant ouds, fragrant oils and Lootah sets in various fragrances. So, let’s have a look at different product ranges offered by Lootah Perfumes.


Perfumes spread a sweet and soft fragrance that lasts forever in memories. Your choice of perfumes defines your identity. Lootah Perfumes offer a wide range of different perfumes like.

Oud perfumes:

Oud perfumes have very spellbinding and mysterious fragrances than others. Lootah Perfume is pioneered in manufacturing the best oud perfumes in the heart of Arabian culture, Dubai. Lootah oud perfumes are rich in various fragrances such as Musk, Henna, Jasmine, Floral and more.

Women perfume:

Lootah Perfume is dealing in a wide variety of ladies perfumes. These perfumes are luxuriously blended and crafted to suit female taste and their lifestyles. Women perfumes are available in ouds, oils, attar bakhoor etc. These perfumes are available at reasonable prices.

Men’s perfume:

Fragrant oilLootah perfumes have a wide variety of men’s perfume. These perfumes are exclusively crafted for men that have a long lasting fragrance. These perfumes are available in different fragrances and at a reasonable price.

Incenses & fragrant oud:

Lootah perfume is offering a wide variety of incenses and fragrant ouds available in a variety of jasmine, musk, floral, henna, lavender, and sandalwood fragrance. It is available at a reasonable cost.

Fragrant Oil:

Lootah perfume has a variety of fragrant oils which is beneficial to both health & beauty. It lifts the aroma and freshness of skin.

Lootah Sets:

It is a kind of gift that you can give to your loved ones. The set contains 6 variants of incenses and scented ouds in a leather box. The set contains a burner, tong, lighter, charcoal box etc.

Lootah Perfume is providing you a wide range of products like perfumes, fragrant oils and ouds etc in a single roof. You can go and visit the Lootah Perfume website and shop for the products of your choice.

Source: www.lootahperfumes.com