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The Threading Process

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Often based on the use of a thin cotton thread which is shaped so as to pick hair out from the base of the skin, the method makes use of fast rolling motions to remove several hairs at a time, usually those assembled in close proximity to each other.

The two most frequently used methods include the use of the hand and the mouth.

The hand method makes use of the two hands to roll over the desired area and pluck the hair, while the use of the mouth adds another corner for the thread to be held from, providing more control over the process.

The hand method is obviously more appropriate for people who want to do the threading process for themselves, while the mouth method is often used by professionals, owing to the speed advantage.

Threading And Waxing Compared

Both, threading and waxing are two of the most common hair removal methods all over the world.

Even though waxing is often used for the purpose of removing hair from the upper lip and the eyebrows as well, threading delivers several advantages that may compel those who currently chose waxing as their go-to method, to switch sides.

As far as professionals see the match, threading is a much better method as far as obtaining the best control of the removal of hair and the choice of which area to target is concerned.

The Threading Process

With other methods, it is far too often the case that the hair is hastily or unknowingly, removed only to be regretted later.

Threading provides a more accurate view of which part of the face is being worked on, preventing mistakes.

Secondly, compared to waxing, threading creates zero mess. There are no liquids or chemicals involved in the process, and everything is done with the use of a thread.

This not only means avoiding the adverse reactions with the skin wax can so often cause, but also avoiding the lingering pain and discomfort, not to mention the redness that is too often, clearly visible on the eyebrows or the upper lip.

Finally, one of the most prized selling points of the choice of threading to remove unwanted hair is the price point.

The only equipment required is a thread, along with perhaps the dab or two of softening powder for the hair.

Not only will the wax and the cloths and liquids that go with it add extra cost to the waxing process, it also requires a higher degree of caution during the process.

Threading Disadvantages

An often-heard complaint with threading is the pain associated with it. Especially when done without having cleansed the face and applied warm water to open up the pores and soften the hairs, the process will naturally be painful, as hair is plucked out, sometimes a handful at a time.

This can be easily avoided however, if the right threading technique is used.

The best eyebrow threading Dubai professionals will not only carry out the process in a swift manner, but also treat the face with warm water before, and spray with cool water afterwards.

This will also prevent the occurrence of pimples and blackheads in the skin, often caused when open skin pores come into contact with dirt.