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Why is BMW Still a Favorite Among Car Rental Enthusiasts?

Do you want to rent a luxury car in Dubai? Well, there are several manufacturers and models available for you to choose from and it can be overwhelming. Before you decide on the car to rent, you need to put several factors into perspective for you to decide on the ideal vehicle for you. One brand that has been making strides in the rental business is BMW. BMW rental in Dubai has grown significantly, and this is because the company produces cars that are not only exceptional but also practical. Here are some compelling arguments to support this claim.


How many BMW models have you seen in your lifetime? Several, right? BMW has diversified its fleet and is not only concentrated on making sedans as was the case before 1999 when they came up with the first generation X5. Since then, the company has developed several models including the now electric i8 and i3 models.

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Dynamic Vehicles

BMW is unrivalled when it comes to making dynamic vehicles. When you get into a BMW and start driving, you will definitely feel the difference in handling, and steering. These capabilities coupled with the impressive 4- or 6-cylinder engines in the cars will make you never settle for anything less.


There is no denying the fact that BMW makes some of the most luxurious vehicles in the world. These German machines are a thing of beauty. The craftsmanship that is employed in the overall body design and the interior is exquisite and the material used to make the cars are also top-notch.

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Low depreciation

There is nothing as disheartening as driving a car that depreciates fast. Even if the vehicle is a rental. This is the case with a lot of high-end vehicles. Some of these cars may lose half their value after one year of being driven. But with BMW, this is not the case. These cars have a reputation for being resilient.