Corporate Attires in Dubai

Dress for officeWhen it comes to dressing up for the office, guys find it so easy: just has a good suit, any colored or white shirt, and a tie, and are ready to go to work. But in the case of women, it is more complicated. For a time, we try to wear men's suits best to show that they are under the law. But most women today want to keep their feminine look, and this is when company’s attire in Dubai into existence, something for everyone. Atelier carries a great range of dresses, which will take you to the office floor or in the conference room and even the smartest restaurant in town for the networking lunch.

Why Not Keep it Simple?

Many of our customers prefer neutral tones and concise dress pieces and we have an amazing selection of corporate dresses ranging from rosy pale to blue cobalt and seriously stylish black. Neutral does not mean you can’t jazz thing up by incorporating a little bright color scarf to your outfit. The bang-on-trend midi style dresses in Dubai can be an excellent choice for work clothes; below the calf length is all about business too. Try changing from blue to a simple neutral color, which may also improve your natural complexion.

The dress that Screams Professional Prints!

Wearing clothing in Dubai that is most flattering for the company is to come with prints; Floral dresses work best in summer and we have the most fashionable floral prints seen in magazines. A team of professionals design printed floral skirt with black or white jacket to give it a feminine look.

Corporate Dresses in Dubai For Both Male & Female

Basic suitsBasic Suits

By providing a wealth of industry experience in the field, we are able to offer a wide range of basic business suits. These garments are designed at the forefront of the art using high-quality fabrics and the latest technology in our facilities. Providing an opportunity to participate in meetings, gatherings and covers a variety of requirements for commercial use.

Special Feature:

  • Colorfast
  • Exceptional stitching
  • Elegant


Designer Shirts

Designer shirtsWe offer branded business shirts collection. These are high-quality fabrics to ensure maximum durability and comfort level.  

Skirts & Blouses for Office Wear

Customers can benefit from skirts and blouses with our extensive collection. We have a special section for the majority of customers who needs adjustment for the new fashion trend. These garments are made with soft, high-quality fabrics using modern machines.

Special Feature:

  • Resistance to shrinkage
  • High Level of comfort
  • Attractive Designs and patterns

Atelier, the dress designer in Dubai,  has smart casual, custom styles for your work wardrobe. Life as a career girl can be exciting - pursuing goals to succeed and feeling like a busy bird who is excited by the challenge and then fall in love learning new things, and keeping your skills up to date. Your environment can change you in the workplace, so express your individuality and personality by adding custom-made, multi-functional garment and great style in the closet.