Planning an Event in UAE Can be So Much Easy

Wedding planningAs the ring goes to the altar till you walk down an aisle, we can lead the process. You can rely upon event planning, research, validation and venue and vendor negotiations, supervising the other process with respect to the initial draft budget of the invitations, and the professional help of the staff. We tend to personalize to your personal style, taste, and budget as well as our relationship with the major suppliers so that we often save money of our clients allowing couples to get married within the budget they set.

Get the Benefit of Full Event Planning Service in Dubai

The event planning takes all the knowledge of the big day - from flowers to food. In addition understanding of the current trends in the industry. the bride can get a thorough knowledge by spending eight hours studying online, or eight minutes together planning with us to leave a better, more effective proposal and quote. Having a full schedule planner to work hand in hand not only saves time but can be productive and cost effective. Did you know that the average time is estimated to cost about 200 hours to plan a wedding in Dubai?

Full planning is best suited if you:

  • wish to spend less than the estimated 200+ hours planning your wedding
  • want to have almost unlimited access to a professional’s opinions, advice, and excellent referrals regarding every facet of your event
  • need to receive an overall budget insight and consultation to guarantee all your financial needs are covered
  • desire a realistic vision of your event, from the invitations to the decorations
  • would like the benefit of discounts in Dubai and have sound negotiation strategies to book vendors

Why Should you Choose Partial Planning Service in Dubai

MeetingsPartial planning puts the difference between complete planning and event coordination. We strongly recommend that local planning in an event taking place at difficult locations requiring rental, transportation and focus on other issues that are not required to be more streamlined. In general, the coordination service "day of" does not include the logistics and pre-production requirements of these spaces. Whatever you choose will be part of the program that allows customers a great opportunity to save time and money.

  • Meetings: Six-Seven in person meetings.
  • Vital info that will help your venue search, including research, suggestions, and comparisons so that you can decide according to your event.
  • Budget Overview: Another crucial part of planning that can save clients time and hundreds of dollars. We build a practical budget to save as much money of our customers.
  • Consultation and vendor referrals: We give you a thorough information after research so you can have your meetings with confidence just like a pro. And, we can cover all the calls, meeting setting, and venue setup– saving you hours.

What we Basically Do?

Take care of all planning and event needs!

  • Consultation vendor referrals
  • Costing
  • Scheduling & Arranging
  • Venue/Location selection
  • Conveyance and parking management
  • Entertainment preparation
  • Decorations
  • Security arrangement
  • Catering and Selection of food
  • Emergency service