When It’s Time to Plan Your Wedding in Dubai

Wedding celebrationYour wedding is a celebration of love between you and your husband, but that does not mean you cannot turn the event into an incredible event, too!

You spend the time preparing, stressing and learning about the process of marriage together in months, then in split second it is over and you do not need more knowledge. The brains of your marriage are filled with random bits associated with the nowhere information. There is already a huge amount of useful information and tips on preparing for the wedding in Dubai, but there are a few things that will help you plan a few years of the process. You will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to make your big day to something unforgettable.

Don’t follow just any tradition

If there are certain traditions carried without any meaning to you then do not go with them just because it's expected. Leave it to us to come up with new, unexpected things that will surprise your guests and make your wedding fun! Not a pie fan? Don’t hesitate to get rid of it! We can cook famous grandmother's wedding cake in Dubai before the big day.

Guests List? Send Out Beautiful Invitations

Beautiful invitationsYour wedding invitations are the first pointer of what kind of events will be hosted, so do not miss out on opportunities to invite guests for the day. If you wish to invite people but not sure if you should, invite them! We help organize an event in UAE that reflects the unique style in a great way to get family and friends together.

Menus, Venues And All The Other Packages in Dubai

We work with some of the finest dining companies, event designers, rental companies, and flower designers to transform the venue that creates your dream wedding in Dubai! Dramatic wooden banquet tables, claiming that selected location is the perfect solution for businesses, such as promises, rehearsal dinner or a vow to update.


Nothing Should Be Left On Special Day ...

Full Wedding Planning

Leave all the work to us. As a result of planning all or part of the event, we can create the start and give finishing touches to all the details of your wedding.

Full wedding planning

Services include:

  • unlimited individual consultations
  • frequent meetings and planning
  • Development of themes and styles
  • Preparations
  • Time management and schedule vendors and rehearsals
  • Facilitate post event
  • Delivery of the final payment to vendors
  • List of guests and management RSVP
  • Access to emergency kit for the day

Partial or Day of Planning

Get your day on the track. Daily or part of the planning, we will make everything as planned to coordinate with their suppliers and guests.

Services include:

  • Consultation of four people within the month leading to the event.
  • Install and manage routes to provide vendors and marriage party
  • Managing of the rehearsal
  • Attendance Management
  • Establish directions at the ceremony, photos, reception, and take down
  • Event supervision, such as post-dinner cocktails, cut the cake, lectures and so on.