Do As You Wish, Wear What Makes You Perfect

Premium lifestyle brandAtelier 7 is a premium lifestyle brand in Dubai, UAE, which designs and sells branded lifestyle clothing, accessories, handmade dresses, wedding and evening gowns to both European and Middle Eastern women.

The Journey

Atelier, Dubai - found a niche in the market and began selling clothes in the open air all over the country since 2006. We realized what client need is a bright bouquet of colorful and a choice to create their own custom made dress. We currently have thousands of satisfied customers in the database, and our e-commerce platform is well established with the growth of international trade. We are also big retailers of fabrics from around the world like Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Armani, Carolina Herrera and etc.

The brand is the heart of the enterprise and takes off during the period of heritage, nationalism, European countryside, family and fun, growth and loyal customer base that resonate strongly in our product. After a great success in the UAE, we have attracted an increasing number of international audiences, through the wholesale account development.


Wedding evening gownsOur brand value through design handmade products reflecting their distinctive colors, graphics, detail and quality. The designs have expanded product category successfully, from household items to women, showing the importance of different aspects of life journey and customers.

Our advice to people out there is always getting the outfit that makes YOU feel wonderful.

What you think of yourself is the most important opinion!


We went out with the idea that we knew would help all the brides out there, dream dress. For the bride, we have a collection of beautiful, warm ambiance dresses that are planned by our favorite designers or occasionally evocative retro vintage aesthetic dress.

Atelier put smiles on daughters going high school by finding the perfect prom dress every season and have been amazing people since then.


Clothing and accessoriesAtelier 7 Dubai has expanded store clothing and accessories, so we see more of our customers browsing through a rack of clothes, from cute and cuddly to grownups, girls, and their mothers.

We even have a special category for major holidays such as Valentine's Day, Easter, and birthday, of course.

Exceptional Selection & Service

  • An impressive selection of designer fashions for all occasion.
  • Our master designer for dresses Larisa Shirolapova has been performing expert modifications for brides for many years, removing the stress and converting it to glorious smiles.
  • We give an estimate at the first initial fitting and our fees and charges are transparent. No hidden costs or any surprises, and absolutely no set fee for alterations.
  • We guarantee well-timed delivery and best fitting.