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Get The Dream Attire in Dubai

Designer dressesOur collection of designer dresses in Dubai are latest & worthy of any great event. We take an opportunity to prepare by planning in advance that lead to the big day! If the ball or homecoming is a month away, or a wedding is just a few weeks away, you definitely should start shopping for your dress. We give you the opportunity to preorder to hold and make a good booking for purchase. Also note that if you see clothes you like on our social media pages, you can show it to our designer and we can customize using information necessary.

Make a statement and stand out in the hall of the event, you will have memories of your later life!

Our Boutique Business

  • We take you beyond the status quo and give you an intimate and exclusive wedding shopping in Dubai, as well as expert consultancy and innovative services.
  • Our brides can be confident knowing that their vision is coming to life. Our consultants take the time to listen so that we can create the perfect combination of wedding apparel occasion, together with you.
  • Beautiful dresses are found in all the stores of the wedding. But the Atelier offer perfect outfit at a low price giving you the satisfaction you need.
  • We expect that our collection have enough time to create production - we do not believe in the "fast fashion" in UAE

Offers & Promotions

We offer a weekly stock list, as well as other offers and promotions. And also, provide our customer with wholesale markets and trade large orders of both local and international.

Our Processes?

Fashion creation

  • We make weddings in Dubai magical!
  • No extra charges even if your wedding is five weeks away from today.

We build the concept and change into creation.

Make a Statement Down the Aisle With Our Amazing Gown

All eyes will be on you on your wedding day no matter what, but there are several ways to ensure that the opening ceremony is very grand: you can set great musical tones, unique lighting options, and put on wedding dress spectacular.



Wedding Planning Services

Collection dressesWhether you are planning a company event with wine and cheese in the evening or other private parties like boutiques grand opening party, you can leave it to us to ensure a wonderful day (or evening) which you intend to attend. We have years of experience in coordinating and planning events in Dubai of all sizes.

Enjoy Real Wedding in Dubai

  • In the bold red bouquet of snow princes's tablescapes, winter wedding may look like a clever and unexpected. After the summer months of wedding blush colors, Winter Holiday is a great way to get your big day stance. But we will do one thing: a funky cold weather wedding party.
  • If you are looking for inspiration winter, look no further than our own real weddings. We have looked at some of our favorite seasonal celebrations and gathered the most beautiful and unique ideas that are perfect for your big day. Because the big city filled with greenery and candles lit winter, we have gathered the best ideas that are bound to love.
  • Ready to get some of our preferred ideas? Then click through to get an appointment.


How cash on delivery is beneficial to us

With cash on delivery option, people do not require paying anything in case online stores fail to deliver the goods to their mentioned destinations or have to make payment only after receiving goods. In this way, online shopping has won hearts of about million people.

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6 instances when you should consult an eye doctor

Like general health checkups, it is important to schedule regular eye checkups as well. We often ignore the health of our eyes if they seem to be functioning normally. But there are certain subtle problems that may crop up may go unbeknownst if not detected or treated well.

Having said that, there are also some particular instances that may arise when you should consult an ophthalmologist

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Wedding Cards & It’s Pricing

In Dubai, Wedding Cards price varies depending on design and budget. Whatever the budget an individual provides; the dealer or companies in Dubai helps the buyer to decide what type of printing they should opt for

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The perks of online shopping

There has been a 25 percent rise in the online shoppers as compared to last year. The e-commerce market is expected to double up to an estimated $69 billion in the next two years. The people are ecstatic as they get to choose from an ocean of brands from the comfort of their bed. So, now you can revamp your entire wardrobe without budging an inch.

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Importance of wedding photography

Consider locations, prices, weather and styles before planning your wedding photography in Dubai. It might get costly, but if you want to ace it, you’ll have to pay.

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How to differentiate between experienced and inexperienced videographer?

Videoraphy is an art. Let it be videographing the landscapes and scenic places of Dubai or capturing the feelings, emotions and sentiments of a loved one’s wedding or any other occasion. Whatever the reason is you need to select an experienced person. There are also certain points that will let you differentiate between pros and amateurs.

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5 Curtain Styles for Your Home

Dubai is home to many curtain shops that give lovely design and pattern options. If you would like to prep up the look of your home decor, a beautifully designed curtain will work wonders. You must decide on the fabric and style that best suits your interiors

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